By the Foot

By the Foot

Select a finish in order for your total to be calculated.

Purchase PANYL self-adhesive furniture wrap by the linear foot. One linear foot is equal to one foot long by four feet wide. 10 linear feet is a single roll that is 10 feet long by four feet wide. Keep in mind that all wood grains run in the length direction. So a 10-foot roll will have grain running in the 10-foot direction.If you would like to order custom-cut sheets, please visit our custom order page.


  • PANYL is a Do-it-Yourself wrap for customizing IKEA furniture and other custom home-improvement projects.

    See full PANYL Materials FAQ

  • No - PANYL sells flexible, self-adhesive finishes that you apply to your new or existing furniture.

    See full PANYL Ordering FAQ

  • That depends on the original finish.  The harder and thicker it is, the less likely damage will occur if removed. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the least damageable and 1 being the most likely to cause damage, glass or polished metal would be a 10, and wallpaper or drywall would be one.

    See full PANYL Installation FAQ

  • PANYL can be returned within 21 days for store credit, less outbound shipping cost. Returns must be received in new condition with backing fully-intact.

    Contact us by e-mail or at 888-788-2426 if unsure about colors, what PANYL is, how PANYL works or to order samples.

    See full PANYL Returns FAQ

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