Flat surfaces

3 minutes
Squeegee (included)
Step 1

Peel Liner

Peel and remove the outer border, if any. Flip the PANYL upside down and peel several inches of the liner.

Step 2

Line Up

Align the exposed edge of the PANYL with the top edge of your surface.

Take your time. If the alignment is off, remove the PANYL from the surface and start over.

Step 3

Apply Edge Pressure

Once the edge is aligned, press down along the edge of the PANYL so it sticks.

Step 4

Smooth With Squeegee

Holding the squeegee at a 45-degree angle, apply firm pressure, going from center towards the sides. Gradually remove the liner as you go.

Step 5

Attach knob

Locate the hole and gently puncture the material with the screw. Attach the knob.


You're done!

Follow the standard instructions to attach your door or drawer-front.