Our Company

Our Mission 

PANYL aims to make DIY furniture upgrades cheap, easy and fun, no matter your budget or skills. Our goal is to offer the broadest selection of low-cost, architectural-quality furniture wraps IKEA hackers and pro's alike. 

What is Panyl

Panyl is a do-it-yourself furniture wrap. It comes in multiple colors and woodgrain textures. It can also be purchased in bulk, and you can order custom cuts to your measurements.

Our IKEA Influence

Wondering why PANYL offers so many solutions for IKEA products? IKEA's crisp and versatile designs afford endless opportuities to customize. But don't let our emphasis on IKEA limit you - if you need PANYL for another brand or for a custom project, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find it.


  • Tristam


    Tristam designed Brooklyn Bowl and the Capitol Theater, and is the lead set designer for Victoria's Secret, Tommy Hilfiger and other brands.

  • Dan


    Dan runs PANYL day-to-day. Before this, he oversaw online publishing fior WNET (the NYC affiliate of PBS).

  • Hedmanuel

    Customer Service

    Hedmanuel handles sales and customer service.