A Reclaimed Wood Kura Hack, for Your Country Livin' Kids

reclaimed wood kura hack

The Kura bed is one of the products PANYL offers pre-cut finishes for. It is one of the children's items we offer. And, generally speaking, we think using PANYL to customize your Kura in the woodgrain vein (we offer rare finishes such as Black Walnut, Red Cedar and Driftwood) is going to give you the best chance of getting something unique that you can love for a long time. But this reclaimed wood Kura -- where the bed's pieces are covered with reclaimed wood "wall coverage" -- is a pretty sweet route to take, too.

This hack adds a touch of sophistication, and a lesson in bucolic longing, to your young one's sleep and homework haven.  The Kura bed is frequently hacked, but this usually involves chalkboards, paint, or other bright, kid-friendly materials. In flipping the reclaimed wood switch here, hacker Simone Jacobs wades into uncharted waters, not unlike the streams and riverbeds from which the reclaimed wood look was borne. Rustic yet modern. Decorative yet intended for a child. Such are the splendors of Kura.

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