PANYL Profile: Courtney McLeod - From Wall Street to Your Walls

In case you missed the shot heard ‘round the world, PANYL recently moved its base of operations from Los Angeles to Brooklyn. We decided that the best way to settle into our new digs would be to get to know our neighbors, so we began seeking out like-minded folks: People who are excited about PANYL and using it in creative and unexpected ways. The result is this new series of blog posts, PANYL Profiles. Please feel free to comment, share, offer yourself or a friend up as a potential subject, or whatever else strikes your fancy. We’d love to hear from you. Most importantly, enjoy!

Meet Courtney...

Courtney McLeod is the master of ceremonies at Right Meets Left Design, an interior design studio she founded a year ago (happy birthday, Courtney!). She worked on Wall Street for 15 years and had a successful career, but felt like a “round peg in a square hole.” She’d always had an interest in design and architecture. Finally, when enough friends had asked her for help decorating their apartments, she decided, “I have an eye for this,” and went off to pursue her dream. Twelve months later, she’s close to finishing the requirements for a certificate from Parsons (to acquire technical skill), and she’s working full-time doing what she loves. “It’s an amazing feeling when you make your passion your job,” she said. “I’ve heard so many people say that over the years and I never understood it. It’s scary and exciting, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

"How did you discover PANYL?"

My second client, a friend, asked me to do his apartment. He had already furnished it—mostly IKEA—but wanted me to accessorize it, make it a little nicer. I must confess that I’m a big fan of going online and looking at DIY blogs, where people always say, “just do this, and you can upholster your own furniture.” But it’s always much harder than it looks. I was looking for inexpensive ways to customize IKEA furniture and make it more stylish, and that’s when I discovered PANYL. Initially I thought, “oh, this seems too good to be true, I’m sure it’s going to be really hard to do,” but it literally took five minutes. It was the easiest thing. My client was ecstatic.

"If you could PANYL anything, what would you do?"

I’m currently working on a job that’s a rental. In the bedroom they have a bi-fold plain front closet door. I’d love to do a diamond-pattern design using PANYL pieces, different textures and colors to create a fun art piece that’s totally removable yet provides a focal point in the room. I’m dying to try that. I think [PANYL] is more geared toward furniture, but I believe there’s a lot more you can do with it. It’s a fun product.


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