SAGE ADVICE: DIY Rolling Herb Cart Lets You Control Your Growing Environment

DIY Herb Rolling Cart

This IKEA hack that turns a Raskog kitchen cart into a rolling herb garden is perfect for the crafter/chef/green thumb in your life.  Herb gardens are a wonderful way to keep your cooking fresh and (über) local, but keeping them outside can mean volatile weather and critters.  Spotted on Life Hacker, this hack comes from This Little Street author Audrey who writes:

A few weeks back I saw this mint kitchen cart in heaven IKEA, and just had to have it even though I had no clue what I’d do with it- envision my husband rolling his eyes in IKEA and thinking “great, more c**p in the house”. He’ll forgive me I know :)

Anyway, last week a couple of my herb pots landed on it and I figured, wouldn’t it be fun to make this cart a little rolling garden?!

TIME OUT. How adorable is it that she bleeped out "crap" !?!? Ok, back to the post…

A rolling herb garden allows you to control your herbal environment, Audrey explains:

The best thing about a having a garden on wheels is that I can put it outside when the weather is nice, bring it home if it’s too cold and even put it in different rooms in the house depending on when the sun falls over the seasons.”

A very smart idea combined with very pretty design. Form meets function yet again.