4 Workstations. 10 Finishes. 22 PANYLs. This Is Hacker Heaven.

Earlier this year, we spotted a super cool, custom desk with four workstations by Andrea from Project Simple Home.  We touched base on Twitter about the possibility of her PANYLing this flat surface-heavy office piece and she obliged. Yes!  The result is her updated monochromatic masterpiece. Positively Roy G. Bivian.

Andrea made her creation pop using our Cinnamon, Red Hot, Sunburst, Tangerine, Lemon Drop, Emerald, Malibu, Azure, Bubble Gum, and Violet finishes.  All in all, the project employed 22 different pieces of PANYL.  From her Project Simple Home post:

When you receive your order, you also receive a small “Practice Panyl” so that you can perfect your technique before you start your project, as well as clear instructions to guide you. You may want to have an old gift card (or something like that) to smooth out any bubbles that may form as you are placing your vinyl, but they include this extra awesome feature to make that easy: As you apply PANYL, air escapes through tiny, etched grooves in the adhesive layer.  If you assemble IKEA furniture, you’re overqualified. The entire process was VERY simple and I was able to complete the entire project, which included placing 22 individual Panyls, in just under an hour and a half. Betcha you can’t do that with paint!

My toddler gladly offered to test the durability of the Panyls (isn’t he so thoughtful?) and they are holding up amazingly well! While they are supposedly removable if you feel like changing it up, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Three cheers (and four chairs) for you, Andrea!