Flats-Pack: An IKEA Hacked Faktum to Prettify Your Shoe Collection

Shoes. Everybody loves them yet no one has room for them.  The concept of remaking a closet into a walk-in shoe selection bonanza works only on television remodeling shows, so the harshest of fashion realities is what the rest of us face: A closet filled with shoes in various containers, piled high and low, with the perfect outfit options hidden from view.

The least you can do, thanks to this IKEA Hackers DIY Faktum shoe cabinet, is keep them hidden and stacked in style. This well done hack provides a solution to two of the problems facing the shoe aficionado: shelving and presentation.  The end result is a cute piece of furniture with a worldy touch.  From the IKEA hackers post:

Finally we are having a proper shoe cabinet to hide away shoes – after living in this home for some 9 years.

Bought 2 units of Ikea Kitchen wall cabinet, fastened them together side to side. Got myself 6 solid wood cabinet feet and mounted on the base of cabinet…

I painted on the interior side of the backboard turquoise, just to give it a bit of a surprise within – and keeping loud colours subtle.

Then I bought 2 units of these Chinese Brassplates from Internet and mounted them on the cabinet doors to serve as door pulls.

The result is kind of a modern cabinet with a little vintage feel to it.

If the paint portion of this program turns you off, PANYLing the unit prior to applying your knobs and pulls would be an ideal solution.  The double doors could even be two colors. Or three. Or chevron'd…