Healthy Hack Files: Expedit and Linnmon Combine for a Standing Desk

The benefits of a standing desk are plentiful, but too often the price is as well. Decent standing desks can start at $1000, so David, husband of The Fit Formula blogger Brittany, instead created one at a fraction of the cost because, as he explains, "the more I stand during the day the more I actually don’t feel like sitting."  

He went the IKEA hacking route and was able to cap his expenses at $200.  Here's some basic starter info from his post:

    •    Tools required: Power Drill with a 3/8” drill bit [only used for the anchor bolts listed above], socket wrench, screwdriver
    •    Total build time: ~1-2 hours
   •    Total cost: ~$185 (not including wicker storage cubes)Other notes: Depending on how you set up your computer, you may need to buy longer cables for monitors or speakers since they are now a little farther away from your computer box.  

Depending on your height (we are 5’10”-5’11”, you may need to adjust the brackets or legs; you want a 90 degree bend in your elbows when typing).

We needn't point out that purchasing Expedit doors and PANYLing them could quickly and easily up the design ante for this healthy hack. David supplies great detail for the project's assembly, so click on through to the other side and then head to our Expedit store page for the final sparkle...