Before & After & After: @KrysMelodrama's Expedit Banquette, Take 2

When we first launched the PANYLblog, IKEA Expedit hacks were all the rage.  You couldn't go a day on Twitter or Facebook without someone taking a crack at flipping and reversing the seminal storage item.  Lately, though, the Expedit hits haven't been flowing as freely, so when we spotted this IKEA hack from Krys at Melodrama on Apartment Therapy, we leapt at the chance to highlight it for you guys.

(original upholstery choice)

This hack is a good example of making the most of an awkward space.  Krys turned her Expedit on its side and assimilated ideas she had found from upholstery projects online.  The final piece is a restaurant-style dining banquette.

I started with a 4′x6′ piece of plywood. I padded it with 1″ thick foam and covered it with batting. My indoor/outdoor canvas fabric measured 55in wide, which would have been fine if I wanted to run the pattern horizontally. Since I wanted to run the pattern vertically, I needed to cut 2 pieces of fabric to 4 1/2 feet long and sew them together at the selvages, being sure to match up the pattern. I made sure the seam ran down the center of the board. I am personally not in love with this fabric, but it’ll do for demonstration. I had stripes in mind but it’ll be easy enough to change soon…

My first plan was to sew an entire seat cover for the foam, but I decided against it. Mostly out of lazyness. I considered upholstering the top (side) of the unit like you would a chair, but ultimately I didn’t like the idea of putting staples into it. That’s when I stumbled across a similar project on Pinterest that used a piece of MDF board. Genius! She screwed the MDF down to the bookcase, I didn’t because I wanted to preserve the bookcase.

And it's a good thing she didn't because she found the fabric she wanted and easily re-upholstered the whole thing ("It’s totally versatile and easy to change when you get the whim," she adds). So this project doesn't just have a before and after. It has a before and two afters. And we prefer the stripes (pictured at top), too.

Scoot over to her post for more detail on the construction, and give her a Twitter follow (@KrysMelodrama).