Little Lessy's Besta Hack: A Leggy Little Flat-Screen Perch

In the age of sleek, flat-screen TVs, one of the hardest parts of decorating a living room can be finding the proper TV stand.  Gone are the days of large entertainment centers built to hold your clunky boob-tube.  Nowadays, finding something attractive and modern and can be hard, especially at a reasonable price with precious space restrictions.

A cute new solution is Little Lessy's IKEA Besta shelf-to-TV stand hack. A combination of basic IKEA parts and a trip to the hardware were all Alessia Imbrogno needed to create this lovely piece for a blissfully unwhopping $50.  From her post:

I purchased 4, 8″ tapered legs from Home Depot, and was relieved to find that their screw top fit perfectly into the existing Ikea holes on the shelf. I then stained the legs in a dark walnut (the same colour I used for this project and this project) to match the rest of the furniture in the apartment. Because my place is 500,000 years old and very slanty I had to shove 2 felt furniture stickers under the front two legs to make the unit more stable. This, I should add, is an art I’m becoming quite skilled at because most things in my place are seemingly off-balance. In hindsight I think I would have been better off with 6″ legs to lower the centre of gravity a bit (especially because the piece is so thin).

All in all the project cost me about $45.00 and was ridiculously easy to do.

Affordable AND easy? A match made in homeware heaven.