Better After's PANYL Solution for Her Young Boy's Bedroom

Lindsey from Better After has a new best friend again. It's us!

After showing us some l-u-v earlier this summer, Lindsey set about the quest of redoing her 11-year old son’s bedroom.  But she found herself in a conundrum: she wanted to incorporate the functionality of an IKEA Malm dresser, only the plain white design of the stock item took away from her “weathered industrial” motif.  Enter PANYL’s woodgrain finish line, a creative partnership renewed.

Here is what Lindsey had to say:

PANYL is a supremely easy to use self-adhesive industrial-grade vinyl created specifically for customizing IKEA furniture. What!? That’s like, all my dreams coming true in one sentence.It comes pre-cut in precisely measured pieces, so all you have to do is peel and stick.  Easy to apply, no-VOC or harmful off-gases, and no mess! It won’t fade or peel, and comes in everything from wood-grain to polka-dots.  The wood grains are my favorite!  (I believe there are also a few options for West Elm furniture too).

And I love this fool-proof feature: As you apply PANYL, air escapes through tiny, etched grooves in the adhesive layer.  If you assemble IKEA furniture, you’re overqualified.

The before and after pics from the project show that with a little eye for detail and an even littler time commitment, PANYL can make the ordinary extraordinary.

The end result here is a bedroom worthy of any young boy's envy.  It includes a great (home)work area and too cool for school lockers! 

We are just smitten with her description of her family’s “Pre-PANYL days.” Thanks, Lindsey!