Horse and Pluggy: A Rustic Expedit Redo that Reins in Cords

Clean white combined with rustic wood: it's a look fit for many a design scenario.  It's tried and true, like red, white and blue.

A recent IKEA Hackers post seizes upon this precedent in creating an Expedit entertainment center that injects country chic into ol' standy, Swedish modern. Plus…LED lighting!

According to Italian hacker Riccardo Tamiazzo:

I've suspended it, drilled and cut in different points to hide wires and added a colored IKEA's LED stripe to get an even cooler look!

Due to its irregular surface, to keep it clean I've topped it with a 6mm thick laser cut PVC cover sheet that works just fine for what I had in my mind. It shows perfectly what's below it and adds value to its shades.

This is a novel approach.  The Expedit effectively acts as the frame upon which a pastoral television pastime floats. Now to watch The Black Stallion (for the umpteenth time).