Feed Your Family. PANYL Your Cabinets.

For newcomers, PANYL can be a bit of a "see it to believe it" affair.  It isn't every day a strong, flexible, self-adhesive material comes along that frees you from the quality confines of contact paper, the mess and imperfections of a DIY paint job, and IKEA's limited selection of stock finishes.  PANYL does all of those things before it even begins to slash the cost of your design dreams by half.

In the case of kitchens, the cost savings can be even more dramatic.  But we wanted to start slowly, to first provide color, texture, and pattern options for IKEA's most popular, smaller items. Now that we've crossed our T's and dotted our BILLYs, the time has come to attack the big, bad, beautiful wolf we call kitchens.  Let's face it.  Nothing howls like a backsplash.

The very first thing we ever PANYL'd, in fact, was a kitchen.  Our first paying customer purchased PANYL for her kitchen and before we even launched our official website, all we did was sell and install PANYL on kitchens in NYC and LA.  Now, we're thrilled to start giving anyone with a phone or computer the chance to design their home's heart and soul using PANYL for Kitchens.

We're kicking things off in the kitchen with PANYL for IKEA's Harlig and Applad cabinet door series.  IKEA's Harlig doors have right-angled edges and can be PANYL'd on three sides or the front face only.  Applad doors are ideal for wrapping the entire door front (including the left and right side-edges).  You can appreciate that an average-sized, semi-custom kitchen cabinet purchase runs over $4000 at most local outlets.  By comparison, using PANYL with IKEA Harlig or Applad cabinet doors will get you a fully custom kitchen design for less than $1500.

PANYL kitchen cabinets

PANYL offers dozens of colors, woodgrains and specialty finishes, meaning the kitchen combinations are literally endless.  Want four bubblegum door fronts, two day-glo, three red cedar and five brushed aluminum for some reason? The guest-shocking choice is yours.

We're just a few weeks away from officially putting PANYL for Kitchens on sale.  Jump on our email list (form below), and we'll notify you the moment it's a go.  (Insider tip - by signing up for our e-mail list you'll receive a coupon code for a FREE set of PANYL samples).  

Or, drop us a line by e-mail ( or phone (888 788 2426, M-F 10-6 EST) if you have questions, pre-orders or custom ideas you'd like a quote for.  

Kitchen cabinets can take a bite out of your budget so big, you won't have much cash left to stock your shelves. With PANYL for IKEA, high-class doors for your quinoa and s'mores are just a couple clicks away.  

Feed your family.  PANYL your cabinets.