Custom PANYL Cuboids: The New 3D Finish for Your Home Furnishings

The cuboid. It's ancient. It's modern. It's seminal. It has always drawn the eye and it always will. But why? Is its 3D effect so mind-blowing that no matter how many times you see it -- and no matter how well you understand that it is not actually three dimensional -- you have to look closer, just to re-make sure again?  Or is it just plain pretty, an indomitable delight to take in, like a predictable red rose at an anniversary dinner? It's probably a little bit of both.

As an interior design tool, the 3D cuboid has its roots in B.C. times.  Colorful Beautiful Things writes that, "Although it looks utterly modern, the mosaic would have been created by Roman craftsmen around 200 years BC."  And Agent of Style notes that the 3D cuboid "appeared for instance in Pompeii [and] in St Mark’s Basilica in Venice."

This long history truly calls into question how we define "modern" in design.  With it's sharp angles, typically solid colors and infinite, pattern-in-pattern play, the 3D cuboid is as 'modern' a design as one could imagine, yet it is at once as ancient an idea as we apply today.  Perhaps it is this duplicity, and not its inherent beauty or the brain's inability to truly trap its trick, that draws us to it.  It is ever-present, ever-desirable and everlasting.  It's the red wine of design.

As you might expect, PANYL can't be kept out of a good (incredibly) old fashioned pattern party.  So, we decided to work over this IKEA Torsby sideboard using a newly-minted 3D cuboid pre-cut PANYL design.  It might look like a quantum leap you aren't willing to take, but nothing could be further from the truth.  This PANYL project took only 45 minutes to complete and involved just a few dozen discrete pieces of PANYL.  The white areas you see are essentialy "negative space," the IKEA Torsby unit itself.  To perfectly craft the top, bottom and sides of this pattern, the pre-cut PANYL set comes with the needed triangular shapes.  No cutting.  No measuring.  No questions.  You simply use a spacer to make sure each (in this case) black and grey piece of PANYL is perfectly aligned and voila, your personalized cuboid dresser is ready to disarm guests.

The design possibilities from this takeoff point are limitless. Don't want the white cubes?  We can pre-cut your PANYLs to include a third finish so you can cover every corner of your unit. In that instance, the third color would effectively act as the spacer and you would simply apply piece after piece until complete.

We say "your unit" because you don't need an IKEA Torsby to get your cuboid PANYL project going.  We can custom cut the cuboid pattern PANYLs for the IKEA unit of your choosing or to a specific size for a non-IKEA item.  Just drop us a line in the comments or contact form…