High-Class for Low-Cost: PANYL for IKEA SVEIO is Here!


A few months ago, we blogged a sneak peek at what might happen if IKEA's SVEIO dresser were to bump fists with PANYL.  Now, we're proud to announce that you can find out for yourself.

That's right.  PANYL for Sveio is here in dozens of colors, specialty finishes and woodgrains.


The lovely blog Better After caught wind of the new product and waxed ecstatic about the possibilities it offers:

You probably know that I've been going steady with IKEA for a long time. I've had nothing but happy experiences with their furniture and I think it's exceptionally good quality for the price you pay.  Only bummer is, they don't offer much variation.  For example, this here is the SVEIO dresser, and it comes in one color: white.


But with PANYL, your options are practically limitless.

They have so many fun colors and patterns that you can mix-and-match, but my favorite are the wood grains.


When paired with PANYL, SVEIO's combination of sharp and round lines -- so many IKEA pieces only offer one or the other -- provides an opportunity for high-class furnishing without the price tag that often accompanies such pieces.  That was the goal of our Alma Bloom "IKEA-jack" back in March: to show you that you can now draw nearer to the dresser of your dreams without pocketbook reservations.