Billy Bookcases Turned Kitchen Island To Bring the Family Together


This kitchen island IKEA Hack spotted on the DIY blog Golden Boys and Me is a great example of creative cost-saving without design sacrifice. It also provides a rare nation-building effect.

Using IKEA Billy bookcases, an IKEA butcher's block and some moulding, project opened up creator Courtney's kitchen for a more inviting cooking and eating area. Taking down the dividing wall between the family room and the kitchen meant an inexpensive IKEA hack could become the centerpiece of her entire house.


Adding electrical outlets and accessories, the kitchen island was customized to fit the family's needs:

The living room side has a couple of stools and beadboard to finish it off.  It seems one of my boys is always perched on these stools doing homework or surfing the internet while chatting with me in the kitchen.  We covered the support column with some trim.  It is great to have the outlets right there to charge laptops and iPad.

Usually, a hack results in added work/living space efficiency, organization, or functional utility.  In this case, it is the intangible, the ability to bring the family together, where the true value lies.