Match PANYL to Vitra's Commemorative Eames "Hang-it-All" Coat Racks


To celebrate what would have been the 100th birthday of designer Ray Eames, Vitra is releasing a new series of "hang-it-all" coat racks.  Eames' original design, which used nine multi-colored balls on which to hang it all, is given a touch of gradient color by Vitra.  It's a remodernization of a classic touch of modernism.

Below are three of the racks created by Vitra and a guide to achieve similar color effects using PANYL.  If you want to hang some stuff above or near your customized Expedit, Malm, Billy or Besta this is the guide for you.  As always, you can sample PANYL finishes in 5-packs through

A similar effect to Vitra's "Green" selection can be achieved by getting creative with our Robins Egg, Emerald, Citron, and Clay. 


For a brighter take on the "Red" color scheme (pictured at the top) try using PANYL Red Hot, Tangerine, Hot Pink, and Pewter. 


And for an earthier take on the "White" Vitra Hang-it-All use Forrest, Azure, Thunder, and Pewter.

Originally spotted via 2 Modern.