Three DIY Dresser Designs You Could Recreate Using PANYL

Decoist recently published a new DIY dressers post featuring some charming hacks.  Dressers are one of the home's most frequently hacked items in large part because they appear in so many rooms -- bedrooms, family rooms, offices, you name it.  Increasingly, dressers are viewed as feature pieces, as opportunities to strike design gold no longer restricted to storage unit status.

As is often the case, some of the lovely examples in this roundup can be affordably achieved or mimicked using PANYL.  So, we've highlighted some of our correlating finishes in the event you're looking to recreate something you see...

Stars for Streetlights


The fleet of PANYL finishes doesn't enable a true "ombre" effect as seen in the dresser above, but an orange/red family gradient could be executed using our Cinnamon, Red Hot, Sun Burst, and Tangerine. 


A slightly more intricate design, one that some PANYL-by-the-foot and an Exacto knife would be fit for, comes from FengShuiDana.  This is also the type of design we could custom cut for you so your triangles come ready to apply.  Tangerine, Bubblegum, Lemon Drop, and Cinnamon would do the trick, though swapping in our Lilac for the brighter red might make this design even more accessible and agile.

Spearmint Baby

Using wallpaper to boost furniture is all the rage and led to our PANYL Patterns for Billy.  But who's to say it's either/or?  Perhaps pairing wallpaper with PANYL would yield the most divine results.  This Spearmint Baby piece would be fun to try out using our Mailbu, Azure, or Robin’s Egg finishes with a throwback wallpaper direct from Mary Tyler Moore's kitchen cabinets...