Pinja Colada's Stickered Malm


Finish designer Pinja, who runs the DIY blog Pinjacolada, recently decided to make improvements to the IKEA Malm dresser that has resided in her daughter's room for the past few years.  Inspired by the ideas of many of her blogging peers, Pinja used sticker rolls to create new designs that turned this regular, wooden drawer unit into an exciting and playful piece for her child.  The colors and shapes are sure to inspire and have garnered Pinja a little social media attention as a bonus.

Yesterday, we introduced PANYL Dots for Billy, but we'd be loathe to keep you in the dark: you aren't limited to vibrant, adhesive mini-circles for that Billy the big guy.  Custom designs are always at your fingertips with PANYL, so if something like Pinja's MALM for your child's item (be it MALM, LATT, KURA, or any other IKEA piece you possess) strikes you as desirable... just drop us a line and we can talk (and custom-cut) it out!