GOT DOTS!? PANYL for Billy Now Does!


Few days are as exciting here at PANYL HQ as the "Introducing New Product!" days.  And since tax day can be such a drag we figured, hey, why not counteract the dreary paperwork feeling with the most buoyant of design offerings: DOTS!

The addition of DOTS to our PANYL for Billy line means exactly one thing: in the event you're getting money back from Uncle Sam you've got a new way to spend a little bit/all of it.

Dots are a daring and thrilling way to revolutionize a room.  When you take a stroll around a "dots interior design" Google search you feel nothing but envy.  Who in the world takes these risks?  Who are these people willing to buck social norms and bespeckle their lives with circular sensation?  These people are now you.

The use of vibrant wallpaper to line the inside panels of cabinetry has long achieved an ornamental effect and painting shelving unit interior surfaces is a frequent facet of DIY blogging.  But with PANYL Patterns for Billy (we began offering Chevrons, Quatrefoil, Thick Stripes and Thin Stripes earlier this year) the number of steps between you and your explosive finished product is cut way down.  

No mess, no clean-up, no imperfections.          

To boot, our DOTS line is unique in that we're offering a Random Dots finish (pictured above) in addition to the 22 colors we've chosen for this line.  

So, when you're filing those pesky 1099s and W-2s today make sure to dot more than just your i's.  Dot your Billy's, too :)