SPRING BOARD: Carry On Luci's IKEA Hacking Pins Ring the New Season In


A Pinterest board, in and of itself, is not cause enough for a blog post.  A Pinterest board devoted to IKEA hacking, even for an IKEA hacking-centric blog like ours, remains a little thin on the editorial pitch mojo.  But an IKEA hacking Pinterest board with loads of hacks we have never seen that screams Spring on the first day of 2013 that New York City is supposed to hit 70 degrees?  That's a reason to break out the old word processor.

Carry On Luci's IKEA Hacks board has 74 pins.  It is somewhat RAST-heavy (…with many a great RAST!) but also features gorgeous farm wood, pastels and, as mentioned, an overall airy pleasantness that we could not resist in between manic refreshes.  Below are some of our favorites.  The rest of Luci's boards are no slouch either and the apparently affiliated Spanish-language blogspot gives a glimpse into some recent European travel...