Babble's 25 IKEA Hacks for Spring Features A Little Something for the Kids

Spring is here which means it's time to clean up your Winter mess and start building furniture from scratch!  Wait, that's not what it means for everyone?

Anyway, to help you find some inspiration for potential projects, Babble's Jan Halvarson has compiled a 25 New + Awesome IKEA Hacks for Spring.  All 25 are viewable in slideshow format on Babble but we've highlighted a pair of kid-friendly projects in the event you want to show your young one that Spring cleaning can be fun.

LEGO SHELVES (pictured above)

Using BESTA shelves and drawers, wooden coasters and spray paint, these shelves could make your child the envy of the neighborhood.  Optionally, the open display areas can be lit with DIODER lights, an added IKEA hacking layer that would allow your child to put his or her favorite toys on nighttime display. For more details on the construction of this hack check out the original IKEA Hackers link.



Another child-friendly creation, this hack of the easy-to-PANYL KURA bed uses bike reflectors, hoses, faucets, and lights for dual playtime/sleepytime functionality. Wiring adds a layer of complexity to this hack but represents another opportunity for neighborhood envy upon completion. Construction details are available here.