Bright Kitchen Accents You Could Replicate Using PANYL

Design Milk recently highlighted the creative use of color in 12 different kitchens.  These rooms showcase the ability of a solid paint job or a dynamic color choice to power a room.

While perusing the post we noticed that many of the chosen kitchens feature colors that align with PANYL finishes.  So, we connected some of the dots (featuring 4 of the 12 kitchens below) in the event that zesty new cabinets or a feature wall are slated for your near future.

The fourth kitchen down features a color akin to our Plum finish.

The sixth kitchen is graced by the wonderful yet simple effect of a pop of bright yellow, something our Lemon Drop (or Day Glo) finish could achieve.

The seventh kitchen, like many modern kitchens, features the cooler color of stone offset by a bright green.  A combination of PANYL in Stone Linen and Emerald might do a similar trick.

Another multi-colored effort is exemplified in the 10th kitchen down, Dulux's 'Collective Passion' line (at top).  The three-panel look could be achieved using PANYL in Sunburst, Bubble Gum and Red Hot.

Peruse the rest of the Design Milk post and we'll bet you'll find more PANYL finishes to match…