HODGE:PODGE Completes Her Patterned Billy for #OneRoomChallenge

As we have been chronicling on the PANYLblog, Barbara from the Hodge:Podge (Markova Design) Blog has been participating in the "One Room Challenge" that pits bloggers against each other in a quest to upgrade a room.  She decided to include new PANYL patterns for IKEA Billy and, yesterday, posted her finished product, a lovely Emerald and black backdrop for her books and belongings.  She was thrilled with the application experience as evidenced by her reveal post:

My Panyl pieces arrived and were so easy to apply! Panyl is an amazing product, it has a really neat "stick" to it. If you don't like how you placed it, you can re-apply it. It goes on smooth, with no wrinkles or bubbles. I am excited to use it again!

The only hitch for Barbara was a misunderstanding about the color of the PANYL pieces that would come with her shipment. Because we shoot all of the product pics for our website on white IKEA furniture items, Barbara thought the Emerald chevrons and stripes she ordered would also contain white chevrons and stripes to go in between the Emerald PANYLs:

I assumed the Panyl pieces were green and white, like they appeared on their website, and did not realize that those were strips of Panyl on a white bookcase with a white back. Had I known that I would have painted the back of my bookcase for more pop. I like the green, but green and white would have been better. So when the weather warms up, I am taking apart the bookcase again to paint the back and re-apply the green Panyl stripes.

We've got some good news, Barbara: painting won't be necessary.  You can simply go to IKEA and ask for new Billy back panels in white :)

Check out the rest of her PANYL pics and her upgraded room in her complete post!