[VIDEO] IT'S SIMPLE, BABY: Mom of Three Installs PANYL for Kura


Today, we're excited to share a post from the Simple Baby blog. is a physical store and website based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area that focuses on environmentally-conscious baby products.   In her post, Shannon describes her search for a low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) material with which to personalize the IKEA Kura loft bed

According to Shannon, 

The only problem with the Ikea Kura loft bed is that it comes in one color combo, pine with blue and white panels. Coco is a girly girly. And, well, her daddy likes things to match.
What’s an eco-crunchy hippie mama to do? On the internet I go looking for a Low VOC or No VOC painting option, since I am not competent to be trusted to use a glue gun and fabric, and the likely hood of my modge podging my way through some type of scrapbook paper to make an awesome something like I’ve seen on IkeaHackers is very very (very!) small.
I somehow (PINTEREST!) stumbled across the – a company that lets you customize your Ikea furniture.  It’s like someone magically created the ultimate Pimp my Ikea Kura starter kit. With HOT.PINK.PANELS.
YAY!  Seriously – if you have read my craft post ever – you can appreciate that spending $199 on a bed would have been a big messy loss if I would have had to paint it. Or it would have just stayed blue. Most likely – it would have stayed blue, after a 3 month stint in the box in my garage with me planning on working on it every weekend. Then every single time we went into Coco’s room for the next 4 years it would have been a glaring reminder of my lack of home improvement follow through. But I digress…
The best part (better than removing the guilt and shame from the room that would have resulted from my craft fail):
Negligible VOCS – no waiting for the off-gassing of the paint!

PANYL places enormous emphasis on making the installation process easy and fun.  This was just the experience the semi-craft-reluctant author needed: 

I was worried there would be some odd stretching and lining up or something – like some weird idea of what I *think* hanging wall paper might be like.
Unboxing it made it a little less intimidating. It looked thick enough to be somewhat forgiving, unlike the shelf paper in my bathroom (I have actually put shelf paper in my cabinets – it looks pretty bad though).  I was able to lay it very simply. The instructions seemed easy enough – I was happy to have my husband there to tell me that I was interpreting things correctly. The best part was definitely that you could pull it up and re-lay it as needed. It didn’t bubble or pucker. There wasn’t even any cutting on my part.
It’s been almost a month since the install – it still looks beautiful. The room is about as put together as you might expect from a busy working mom of three who dreads interior design and all things crafty – but the bed itself is ROCKING. And I haven’t had a giant 3 year old in my bed all night since then.

Mosey over to Simple Baby for their complete post and check out their video of the installation process, above.