IKEA Sveio + PANYL = Bloom Alma for Less Than 1/2 the Cost

PANYL for Sveio

Have you ever had “Furniture Envy"….?

You know, the feeling when you see a piece in a magazine or online that works perfectly for a room you're decorating but is just too expensive to justify? Or worse, it's juuuuust far enough outside your price range to tempt you over your budget?

Welcome to my contentious relationship with Bloom, makers of the Alma Dresser (below).

Bloom Alma Dresser


IKEA sveio

Sweet, Swedish flat-pack salvation! TheSveio, similar in design to the Alma, is priced at $249 -- a full $500 less than the Bloom. And unlike the Bloom, which is targeted specifically at children, the SVEIO fits right into an adult space as well.

As with so many IKEA pieces, though, the Sveio is available only in White. The obvious solution? PANYL it for an adult-styled Alma at less than half the cost (pictured at top). To do this I used $80 worth of Satinwood PANYL-by-the-foot that closely resembles the faux bois of the Alma.

PANYL by the foot

At $320 and double the size, the IKEA-jacked Satinwood Sveio is a no-brainer for a Bloom-envious couple.

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