One Lovely Pinner Put PANYL on a Pillar


Any seasoned design blogger will tell you that, in the second decade of this 21st century, there are three distinct types of blog posts:

1) Oh my gosh, look what I did!

2) Oh my gosh, look what they did!

3) Oh my gosh, I love Pinterest.

Category #3 is from whence today's post came as we have discovered the lovely Audrey Sturdevant of Interior DETOX and her PANYL projects that use Woodblock (now sold out and discontinued) PANYL-by-the-foot.  We know these are PANYL-by-the-food projects because she has employed the PANYL to redesign some tables which we don't offer (above) and this huge pillar (below)!


It's hard to tell if these pieces appear in a home environment of some sort or a commercial space.  The tagged bag in the photo above would indicate the latter but, then again, Audrey might just have a killer luggage collection.  Regardless, let's say it all together, shall we?

"Oh my gosh, I love Pinterest."