The Hackolution Will Be Televised: A Dexter-Themed Lack Hack


Kudos to anyone who can find a way to bring their varying interests together into one creative pursuit, such as Instructables user BrittLiv did with this Dexter-themed IKEA Hack.  His coffee table is made from IKEA Expedit and Lack parts and represents the perfect project/gift for the crafty Dexter fan (who doesn't need somewhere to put heavy objects).

Writer Logan Booker commented on the Dexter table for the Australian outpost of Gizmodo:

The now-butchered table reminded its creator — an Instructables user with the handle “BrittLiv” — of the TV show Dexter (or perhaps the novels upon which the show is based) and so inspired, they decided to paint the visible cuts red and slap a quote from the series on top.The modification itself is straightforward, as long as you don’t mind a bit of cutting. The key points are to reinforce the support legs, as they are completely hollow and to screw the table down onto a base, otherwise it’s just going to tip over.

The main issue I can see is that, while the two back legs are screwed into a board, there’s nothing at all supporting the sliced legs. Cool to look at, but perhaps not the most practical DIY project, unless you stick some thin Perspex cylinders into the gaps so they can at least support a bit of weight.


The project is not as hard to assemble as the pictures may make it seem.  Basics like wood filler, double-sided tape, long screws, wood glue and sand paper are employed.  Check out BrittLiv's full instructions on in his original Instructables post.