Hey, Micke, You're So Fine (and Finally Part of PANYL's Line)


Of the main reasons PANYL was created none is more central to our mission than the need to provide moms, dads, interior design professionals and everyone in between the most finish options for IKEA products.  IKEA is as successful as it gets, but their business model is not predicated upon the flexibility that the modern creative might consider necessary to shaping his or her environment.

In the case of the Micke collection, though, IKEA departs from its established norm and offers more options than with their other lines.   Orange, navy, lime and black-and-white pieces provide a broader baseline than the frequent white or black-brown duo.  


But PANYL wouldn't be PANYL if we were satisfied with a three-fold increase in customization-ability.  No, when we think of options we think in the triple digits.

So, without further ado, we introduce PANYL for Micke, the chance to splash 40 finishes on any one of the color choices IKEA offers its Micke desk in.  You can do the math, but Sunburst and Red Hot drawers on an orange Micke baseline package, or Emerald on the well-known Swedish lime green are just a couple ways one might zest a desk into one-of-a-kindness. 

If you get tricky with your Micke please don't hesitate to send us a picky (...another really bad pun makes it past the editor).  

Above, PANYL for Micke in Day-Glo.  Below in Bubblegum and Woodblock.