A Trend You Can PANYL To: Concrete Wallpaper


A recent post by Decoist discusses the sharp ways in which concrete wallpaper, a product with a growing fan base the past couple years, can create an industrial look in any space.  This kind of wallpaper shares a function with PANYL in that it transforms an otherwise bland or blank canvas -- in this case a wall -- into a unique and vibrant finished highlight piece.  Author Alex offers cautionary excitement:

Be advised that the industrial finish of concrete won’t work with every interior, but if you manage to add enough color and some matching furniture pieces to your place, the whole decor is going to be nothing short of astounding.

Alex is spot on here and actually touches the specific reason for this post: PANYL + Concrete Wallpaper = Someone's gotta do it.

Color will work for sure -- imagine Cinnamon Ekby shelves (below) in the "concrete"-lined space Alex makes an example of (above) -- but we've got a hunch that in the right environment the grey sheen of our Brushed Aluminum or Poplar (also below) would pair wonderfully with the concrete look.

Just a thought...