Some woods are exceptional because of their rarity.  Others are revered for their texture and strength.  And a select few have remained stalwarts in the canon du bois because of the process by which they are prepared.  Such is the case with Limed Oak or "oak that has been treated with a lime paste rubbed into the grain to give it a special finish," according to Merriam-Webster.  You know when the dictionary is making positive judgement calls in its pages there's something to be seen here.   

The new Limed Oak PANYL finish is a medium brown with light contrast graining.  It recalls French furniture finishes from the 1930's and works great with lighter neutrals.  It also contrasts nicely with deep jewel tones.

So you could follow the steps to lime your own (results may vary!), or you could dig into the PANYL webstore to find the perfect place for the finish in your home.

Above, Limed Oak appears on Kura.  Below, on Expedit.