Customize Your IKEA Odda With the PANYL Hackpack


Just days after we rolled out our cost-saving West Elm Patchwork dresser ODDA-Jack, when response was coming back strongly positive, we realized we would have to take this concept one step further by making it something customers could do, too. After all, why continue to ramp up our selection of finishes only to limit the manner in which that power of color will be wielded?

So we set upon the task of building new functionality into our website. This, of course, opens up a whole new can of as-yet-uncoded worms vis-a-vis the ultimate "try before you buy" design and customization experience, so don't mind us, we'll just be over here making the evil scientist face and hoping we don't lose our vision or the feeling in our fingers on the road to expansion.

For now, welcome the ODDA Hackpack, which debuted on Apartment Therapy last week.  From AT:

Apparently, our post generated a lot of interest in this hack, prompting them to come out with a "hackpack". You can pick from an array of finishes for each of the panels, all of which are pre-cut to fit the ODDA and end up with a chest customized just the way you want it.

Above is an example of one hackpacked ODDA.  But there are 912 combinations, so get a move on over to the hackpack tool and click (and click, and click, and click, and click) until the perfect ODDA for you and yours is before your eyes.