PARENTS OF THE WEEK? Marvelous DIY Play-Kitchen Uses Plethora of Parts


Inspired by their 2-year old son who has shown a deep interest in cooking, two parents created a “Manly DIY Play Kitchen” out of an array of upcycled parts and IKEA items.  The surprisingly parent-annointed “bitchin’ kitchen" was posted by Becky on Preparing for Peanut where she documented the adventure.  It eventually made its way to IKEA Hackers (that's where we saw it...).

The design of the kitchen ensures that it will be a safe place to play for years (or other children!?) to come.  The best part about this project is the lengths to which the couple went to create a real-looking kitchen that actually works (not for cooking, of course, but essentially everything else). The incredible product list includes:

Tile: Home Depot; Cutting Food: Melissa & Doug; Toaster: Hape; Stand Mixer: Hape; Utensils: Ikea; Pots & Pans: Ikea;Handheld Mixer: Pottery Barn Kids; Red Hanging Bucket: Ikea; Hanging Rail: Ikea; Drawer Pulls: Ikea; Cabinets: Originally Ikea, found on Craigslist; Faucet: hand me down; Sink: dog bowl from Amazon; Burners: DIY; Knobs: DIY; Wooden Crate: leftover packaging from christmas gift; Oven Rack: already owned; Metal pitcher: Ikea; Espresso Cups: Ikea; Baking pan set: Pottery Barn Kids; Aluminum Spray Paint: Rustoleum.

Becky and her husband Stu described the challenges that came with creating the oven:

I originally built the oven rack out of spray painted wooden dowels (shown above) and small trim pieces. I quickly realized these dowels would be kindling in a toddler’s hands, so yesterday I switched them out for a small metal cooling rack (one I inherited from my mom at least 10 years ago). A couple screws (which I painted black) hold it in place nicely.

A piece of plexi finished the oven door (easy buy at Home Depot but I had to cut it down myself). I was sure to drill pilot holes in the plexi AND wood to prevent cracking. A magnet holds the door closed. And, my favorite part, I added a cheapy motion sensor light that turns on when the door is opened. Fabulous! 

Marvelously thorough in its conception and progressive in its bucking of traditional gender roles, Becky and Stu earned the wide-eyed reaction of their son, a priceless reward for these exemplary DIYers who brought a fun, educational piece into their child's life.

Read their whole post which includes more snapshots.