MALMnificent: Go Haus Go's Gorgeous PANYL Project


One of the ultimate perks of promoting something you are passionate about online is the chance to find micro-communities of people who share your interests.  There are a gazillion people online and sometimes it feels as if they all have blogs, so when you find folks who read what you read and blog how you blog, it's almost as if you've been instantly transported through the whole awkward dating process and taken directly to Month 3 of your fledgling relationship.   Well, fine - were it that romantic.   What I'm trying to say is, when you find certain people who are willing to let their online passion mingle with yours, helping you tell your story while you play a part in theirs - that's what it's all about.  

Such is the case with Go Haus Go who, if you ask us, really knows how to blog a post. She always selects top content and great photographs, so we were thrilled when she expressed interest in checking out PANYL (when we reached out to her, of course -- community, remember!?)   And that was before she even finished PANYLing her IKEA MALM dresser  or writing her glowing review.  Here's an excerpt from her post, De-IKEAing the Bedroom: Part II [PANYL!!]

Let me walk you through the PANYL process.

1.) Head to their web site. Select the piece of IKEA furniture that you want to beautify. I went straight to MALM. There is a great customization tool that shows you exactly what your panels will look like on your MALM.

2.) Order samples in the colors that catch your eye. The samples cost $5 for a 5 pack, but that amount is credited back to your order amount when you purchase. (Which is a plus, it’s a downer when I pay extra for samples).

3.) Order your product. I picked Stone Linen. I’m loving this color lately and it matches many of the tones already in the room.

4.) Wait a few days for it to show up. They’ll show up in tightly packed tubes. (I was worried I’d have to be home to sign for a larger package so I was thankful for the smaller tubes.)

5.) Stop watching your favorite NetFlix series for about 15 minutes to apply. (Seriously, it’s so easy, I was done in a matter of minutes…. MAYBE 15 minutes total).

Emily, the blog's author, provides lovely screengrabs of ordering on the PANYL website, a look at the rolled up bundles her PANYLs came in, and lot's of great photos of her bedroom before and after, so check out her entire post!