PANYL is Sponsoring IKEA Hackers' 2012 "Hack of the Year" Prize Pack


IKEA Hackers is asking its readers to vote for the 2012 Hack of the Year and the top vote-getter will receive a prize package from PANYL when the tally is tallied.  A wide range of hacks made the final 10 including a giant trunk that turns into a bar and a pair of bed canopies repurposed as costume wings.  Voting, which you can do here, ends today, January 15th.

Naturally, as active participants in the hacking community, we were thrilled to have the chance to sponsor the winning.  The PANYL prize offers a choice of either:

a) A fully customized ODDA 3-drawer dresser (including the actual chest, which we will prePANYL for the winner using our new custom ODDA "HackPack" tool (this prize would be USA only).

b) $200 in PANYL gift certificates which could be used towards merchandise and global shipping on