PANYL Expedit Sound System Included in Apartment Therapy's Best of 2012

Apartment Therapy ended 2012 with a Top 10 list of the best hacks of the year.  As hacking becomes part of the DIY mainstream, customization and modification of everyday items extends the range of the word itself.  As post author Gregory Han puts it, “The word 'hack' has evolved to encompass a wide array of projects, whether it's to alter the function of an electronic device beyond its original intent, manipulate the form and design of furnishings, or even change our own behaviors.”

Among his highlights from 2012 were a set of revolving TV stands that allow two-sided, room dividing television viewing and the moldable, silly-putty-esque Sugru substance. But also on the list was our own iTunes EXPEDIT Sound System.  Following the PANYL principle, we "recycled" existing stereo parts, spending only $20 for the iPad audio dock to complete this project.

Expedit iTunes IKEA Speaker Hack from PANYL on Vimeo.

PANYL shop manager Jeff described his inspiration for the hack in AT's original post:

The inspiration for this hack came when I found a stereo in the dumpster near my house.  I'd only been the shop manager at PANYL for a few weeks but I'm hearing all these newfangled terms like "upcycling" and "IKEA hacking."  I'd done plenty of upcycling (why else would I be in the dumpster?) but had never attempted an IKEA hack.  But I was about to....In the fabrication shop we had an iMac with built-in speakers but no dedicated sound system so I seized the chance to combine my "new" old speakers with IKEA's Expedit and some PANYL. 

We are delighted to have been included in this year-end list, especially considering how much we adore Apartment Therapy.  When we launched the PANYLblog last year our first post was a thanks to them for mentioning our nascent product.  This "Best of 2012" inclusion was a fitting way to finish what we started in 2012.