COULD, SHOULD, WOOD #3 and #4: Red Cedar and Smoked Cedar


When it comes to wood families, CEDAR is one of the big cahunas.  There are so many varieties of cedar wood and so many types of trees from which it is gleaned that to try to describe it as one thing is a fruitless endeavor.  China, California, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia…you name it and a cedar-bearing tree might spring from that nation's soil.  Imagine if five OctoMoms were sisters.  Their collective children's children would resemble the cedar family tree.

So it should come as no surprise that when we introduced a new fleet of woodgrain finishes we included two types of cedar: Red Cedar and Smoked Cedar.  We just couldn't limit ourselves to one.

Our Red Cedar has a saturated red and orange grain that one might argue pops! the most of our now 17 woodgrain finish offerings.  It comes pre-finished in high gloss making it fantastic for an office or home.  

The Smoked Cedar, meanwhile, features rich, grey-brown grains that are a great match for dark woods and moody neutrals.  It, too, comes pre-finished in high gloss which could afford you the opportunity to use the tone as has been popular of late, in modern kitchens:


Above, Red Cedar is featured on IKEA's Bestå Tombo.  Below, it appears on Billy as does Smoked Cedar on Bestå Tombo and Malm.