Little House Blog Shelf Hack Provides Wonderful Detail, Images


To end 2012, Lindsay Stephenson of Little House Blog provided a pristine IKEA hack that turns Big Box Store Cabinets into an awesome cookbook shelf.  Seems simple enough on the surface, but her post is packed with such quality images and detail that it's worth extra attention.  Her post is a blueprint for a high-quality hack tutorial. 

Lindsay used two cover panels from IKEA to create a custom look that hides the small flaws which result from using items in unintended ways.  From her post:

If we had gone with a custom kitchen this kind of element would have been easy. But when you're working with big box cabinets, something like this takes a wee bit of "hacking". The easy way to create a shelf would be to put up an Ikea cabinet in that space above the sink and just leave the doors off. The problem with this method is that you would see all of the fronts of the cabinet`s walls and also all the holes on sides that are supposed to allow for adjustable shelves. In our case this way defeated our hope of making our Ikea kitchen look custom. So although it was the easy route, it wasn't the right route for us.

Check out her complete step-by-step guide to create a beautiful look at a fraction of the price a pro contractor would charge.  Below, an example of her wonderful diagrammin'...