If ever there was a "winter wood," driftwood would be it.  Historically -- and we mean way, way, way back in the day -- "driftwood carried by Arctic rivers was the main source of wood for Arctic populations living north of the tree line."  It was the wood for those without.

The cool, faded grey of a piece of driftwood carries with it more than just the versatility needed for the contemporary home furnishing fanatic.  It also tells a story.  Or, perhaps more romantically, it allows you to tell one.  Where did this curly, burly branch come from?  What shore did it wash upon? Further, where was the tree from which it fell before it chose its shore? Driftwood's allure and power comes from knowing that there's just no way to know.

This history can't easily be captured in a piece of architectural grade, pressure-sensitive vinyl, but we'll be darned if we didn't try.  With the just-released Driftwood finish for PANYL, smooth graining and a light grey hue make the perfect accent for a clean modern environment.  It's perfect for setting off bright colors or just right as the icing on your light and airy interior design cake.

Give Driftwood a whirl in the PANYL store.  It appears above on Framstå and bellow on Billy, but we've got it available for all of our products.