Ever Tried Dumpster Dunking?

Everybody's heard of Dumpster-diving.  A smaller number may be aware of a great New Orleans band called Dumpstaphunk featuring cousins Ivan and Ian Neville.    But to our knowledge this is the official coining of "Dumpster Dunking."

You see about 10 days ago a basketball hoop appeared next to the dumpster.   It had a crack or two in the backboard and a healthy coating of filth, but otherwise in perfectly usable condition.  After a few more days we assumed that whoever brought it was trying to get it in the dumpster but it was too heavy and they had to just leave it there.  We then thought, "We should be the ones to upcycle it."

See this is how we found it.  Obviously, someone was trying to get rid of it.

And so we did.  We disassembled it, took the backboard inside, gave it a little bath. 

Here it is being restored.

Then we covered it with fresh PANYL, and now this UP-cycled basketball net has hoopzzaz.

Except that it wasn't actually being thrown out.  It was a guy's in the architecture office next door and for some reason he didn't really like that we essentially had vandalized his hoop.   (This also led to a side debate about whether you can "upcycle" something that isn't being discarded.  We eventually concluded that would just be "decorating").  

Lastly, Tris drove the net.  

No way he can really dunk - but the big rubber dumpster cover has an awesome trampoline effect.  I mean the look on his face!


There are FAR more appropriate things to embellish with PANYL in Red Hot or Lemon Drop - like this MALM dresser or a giant pink TV-wall.  This avoids workplace parking lot confrontations.