Opening of IKEA Winnipeg Sparks Newspaper Column About IKEA Hacking


When IKEA opened its latest location last week in Winnipeg, it's not likely the company thought the result would be one of the city's biggest newspapers writing a story about IKEA hacking instead of new IKEA products.  But that's exactly what happened.

As IKEA expands -- and expands and expands -- IKEA hacking will remain a hot trend. Sure, most of us will be lining up at the new store in the coming months to benefit from the awesome power of IKEA's economy of scale. But some intrepid individuals will also be experimenting with hacking, proving that the drive to shop hasn't quite overcome the human impulse to make, invent and express.  

The full story -- "IKEA? Nope...Hac-KEA" -- is worth a read as the author walks through a brief history of hacking and some popular and common hacks.  The only thing missing... a PANYL mention.