The Curious Case of Billy Bookcase


 When IKEA's Billy bookcase turned 30 years old in 2009, British newspaper of great influence The Guardian called it "the toast of cash-strapped bibliophiles everywhere" and spared few words in praising the well-known figment of our organization.

"The Billy is a masterpiece of understatement: minimalist, inoffensive and discreet. It calls attention to its contents, not itself. It slots in anywhere and gets immediately down to work. And – contrary to the myth that surrounds all Ikea products – it is perfectly easy to assemble." 
These days it seems Billy, now resting in a store near you at the tender age of 33, is undergoing something similar to F. Scott Fitzgerald's character Benjamin Button: it appears to be aging backwards.
New uses and interpretations of Billy are coming to life in people's homes and offices weekly, with everything from its physical form…

…to the way its mounted (Billy Built-Ins are all the rage and just appeared on This Old House)...

…to its color and pattern being reimagined.

The latter is where PANYL comes in to play with the introduction of PANYL for IKEA Billy!  We adore many of the ways folks have tackled the task of designing Billy of late (the colored acrylic plexiglass plates [above] are particularly innovative), but our aim, as always, is to lead the modern DIYer to the four-way intersection of affordability, quality, flexibility and ease-of-use like no one else.

Whether you mix and match shelf back and door colors or stick to one finish, PANYL for Billy guarantees pristine richness of material and palette to separate your Billy design from a Jane Schmoe's daily Google Image Search.  Peruse the color options on (see Cinnamon and Brushed Aluminum below) and don't hesitate to drop us a line via our contact form if you have any questions about this exciting new addition to the PANYL fleet.