Limit Bookshelf by Alp Nuhoglu is EXPEDIT on Acid!


Yesterday, DesignMilk posted this eye-grabbing bookshelf-slash-room divider by Alp Nuhoglu.

My mind began to race.  So many surfaces!  Wouldn't it be a hoot to use every single PANYL finish on one of these? Just thought of that.  Need to breathe.  It's EXPEDIT on acid and, well, I'm ready for the trip.  From DM:

Composed of 36 boxes that are 36cm square, Limit is a shelving unit designed by Alp Nuhoglu that actually has, well, no limits. You can stack and place the boxes any way you wish, both horizontally and vertically, to create any number of combinations to make the perfect shelf or room divider.