Nylon Woven Placemats + IKEA Lack = Wicker Beach Table


Recently, What Else Michelle posted one of the many projects that is part of her living room’s transformation into a beach theme, and it's one of our favorite BECAUSE MATERIALS!!!

This cute "Faux Native Table" is an IKEA Lack hack.  Using glue, rope, place mats, contact cement and a boxcutter, Michelle is able to turn a slightly beat up, highly affordable side table from "yeesh" to "yes!"

The key, she suggests, was spotting nylon woven placemats that had a similar look and texture to wicker beach furniture.  

I have an Ikea Lack table that just looks lousy but I can’t part with it because there’s hardly any furniture in the house. For the longest time, I’ve been thinking of what I can do with it like decoupaging it with fabric (can’t find the right fabric), painting it (looks tacky and plain), adding mosaic (not too beach like). Then one day, while window shopping in Landmark, I found this nylon woven placemats that will look great with the table. I want something similar to a wicker chair or basket and like I said, I can’t afford anything right now. I have the rest of the materials like the sisal rope I bought months ago in Quiapo so I grabbed for of the placemats and went home excited to start a new project. 

This is a great example of alternative materials reigning supreme.  Michelle’s vision for her Lack (roughly $40 brand new) turned something ordinary into something chic and, most importantly, design-specific for her new house theme...all at low cost. 

Check out her complete post for the step-by-step process and follow her on Pinterest.