Strike a Hacker's Match or Wow Your New Office with PANYL for MALM


In the canon of IKEA hacking, there is little question that MALM joins EXPEDIT and RAST as part of the "Big 3."  These items are far and away the most hacked, perhaps because of their endless utility, perhaps because of their affordability, or prehaps because of their relatively large surface areas with which to do the hacking.

EXPEDIT was the backbone of the original PANYL product line and launch. RAST, though we've hacked one, hasn't been introduced yet (with no current plans for it).  Now, MALM becomes the newest addition to the PANYL fleet.

Inspiration for MALM hacking takes many forms, from the heavily ornamented…


…to the crafty and textural…


…to, uh, neon ombré doggy beds (more on this hack on the PANYLblog).


With PANYL for MALM, though, you have the opportunity not only to strike a creative hacker's match but to light a refined, interior design professionals fire.  Because the original piece's build is slick with sharp lines, our woodgrain and specialty finishes (as well as bold solids like Sunburst and Red Hot) might suit a high-end office or clean, modern living room.  This is not to say a Robin's Egg MALM isn't called for in Montana moon room.  As always we aim to fill in the color gap left by IKEA's stock offerings, to allow you the flexibility to achieve exactly what it is you want for a fraction of what it might cost to do a custom job or peruse a West Elm catalog.

Below, the new PANYL MALM in Ash Linen, Elm, Robin's Egg and Red Hot. Above in Sunburst.