EXPEDIT + Vinyl LPs - Hacking = REKORDIT


For music-lovers who don’t believe in the idea that one can be too organized, this awesome product from Rekordit (and posted on Smorgasbloggers) is Heaven-sent.  The recent trend toward Vinyl LP storage and display using EXPEDIT has been documented on PANYLblog and elsewhere, but Smorgasblogger Melani Rae Schultz uses the Rekordit record frames to cover all that goes in her IKEA Expedit, not just to store records.  

I suppose, then, that über-organization isn't necessarily the goal.  Rather, the illusion of organization is achieved since having gorgeous album covers up front means no more bemoaning your inability to keep books perfectly aligned and alphabetized within the EXPEDIT unit.

Below, more EXPEDIT + vinyl situations, beginning with the smaller Rekordit unit...