KURA in Kelly: Flax & Twine Features an Incredible PANYL Hack


Today's post comes complete with a MASSIVE ELECTRONIC SMILE.  You might actually want to turn the brightness down on your monitor 'cause we're flashing our pearly whites as we write.

The newest addition to the PANYL store, our KURA bed line, has been brilliantly put on display by Flax & Twine (@FlaxAndTwine on Twitter).  The guest poster, Lucy Schaeffer, didn't stop at simply PANYLing her daughter's KURA bed in our Kelly finish (which her daughter picked out), thus avoiding the blue-everyone-else-has look.  She decided to pick up a second PANYL finish, Stone Linen, to create autumn leaf cut-outs for youthful fun and designer contrast.


The results are marvelous, so much so that we are featuring this hack in our PANYL website homepage slider!


Here are some of Lucy's original words about her process:

Applying the PANYL was easier than I expected. A couple times I laid down the longer pieces not quite aligned and found it no problem to pull off again and stick again with a second attempt…

Overall we wanted fun but not too kidsy, something that none of us would get tired of quickly…

I had thought we'd need to use x-acto blades to cut out the shapes but actually found regular scissors did the trick. We flattened our leaves between phonebook pages in advance and then traced them directly on the backside of the PANYL sheets and cut out. We then used scotch tape to position everything roughly how we wanted it on the bed before taking off the backing and applying for good. I was super pleased, too, with how quickly the Panyl arrived…

Lucy touches on something that was central to our decision to add KURA and LÅTT: offering something kids will enjoy but parents will appreciate from a design standpoint as well.  This is crucial to our affordable furniture ethos since so much low-end furniture can suffice for children but draw the ire of grownups.

We are so pleased to see this PANYL hack.  Check out the entire post on Flax & Twine's site and give her a follow on Twitter for sure!