When it comes to IKEA hacking, the company's $19.99 LÄTT kids' table and chair set isn't usually the first thing on the creative chopping block.  EXPEDIT!?  Definitely.  RAST? Certainly.  MALM?  Possibly.

But LÄTT, it turns out, has gotten a little more attention of late from the flat-pack rats.  A quick Google or Pinterest search yields a growing number of results, largely in the "arts & crafts" vein of decor.

Chalkboard top hacks have been very popular because of their interactivity...

…and uses of alternative design materials, such as these yarn-based and paint chip sample collages, have had an impact because they grab the eye and awe of a young one using color and pattern. 

As a company we knew we'd be reaching into the childrens' realm, so we decided to first welcome LATT to the PANYL family (as well as KURA beds, but more on that later in the week).  Our aim, as with all of our products, is to offer the greatest number of colors and finishes, to put the expanse of affordable hacking and design at your fingertips and, in this instance, to expand the horizons of not only your child's playroom as you, the parent, sees it but also as your child sees it.  Above, our LATT collection is pictured in Hot Pink.  

One advantage of using PANYL to design your child's LATT set is the durability factor.  There is a strength to the PANYL surface that we think sets it apart and makes it ideal for the wear and tear of plastic toys, pounding fists and cereal spills.  This longevity suggests your playset will be great for older brother but also last until younger sister comes around :)

Below, in Red Hot extreme close-up, PANYL's texture is on display in LATT form.  Below that some more finishes are pictured to peruse.  But don't take our word for it, click through to see all of our finishes and grab a $5 sample-pack.