Say Hello to Day Glo


Here are three little-known facts about the phenomenon known as "day-glo": 

1) "DayGlo" is a registered trademark of the DayGlo Color Corporation.   

2) The science behind its fluorescence was discovered-slash-invented in 1934 by Robert Switzer and his brother Joseph, who, according to Wikipedia, "took a black light into the storeroom of their father's drugstore looking for naturally fluorescent organic compounds and from that developed paints."

3) As of about a month ago, it was named a "National Historic Chemical Landmark."

Here is one well-known fact about the phenomenon known as "day-glo":


We love it so much that we have added it as one of our two new PANYL finishes for the Fall of 2012!  You can see it pictured on our new BESTA VARA product (above) and on our just added pre-cut KURA products (below).

The day-glo train has been choo-chooin' for a while now (1934!?!) but the results of late have been incredible.  Our Neons, Neutrals and Wood Pinterest board has a bunch of great products and uses, hand-picked by our co-founder Tristam Steinberg.  Tris describes our Day Glo finish as "edgy and energetic" with the ability to "add a pop of excitment to its surroundings."   Tristam is a veteran set designer who works with some of the biggest names in fashion photography so when he lets me in on some industry know-how ("use it with cooler toned woods, or with whites and grays for a bright flash of color") I always take note.

As mentioned, the recent day-glo explosion (day-glosion?) has been fun to watch and be a part of promoting on the networks.  Here are some insane shoes, a pillow and chair that display what Tristam was describing quite well, and a bath tub that is a total come on (as in, "oh, come on!").

Browse some more Internetspiration and then swoop back into the PANYL store to get your glo on…